Variant Training Lab was established by Santa Barbara’s Top Physical Therapist Dr. Maury Hayashida, clinical motor behaviorist, researcher and adjunct professor who developed the proprietary “Test, Treat, Train™” Variant Experience, which integrates a roadmap to test mobility and strength capabilities, treat injuries and performance needs, and train to optimize movement, conditioning and reach specific goals for individuals. “Test, Treat, Train™” VTL will ‘test’ (and interpret), healthcare (physical therapy) will ‘treat’ and the fitness industry will ‘train’. Then we will Repeat the process. Why? Because there is no substitute for measurement. Human movement is a part of everything we do in life. The quality and performance level of our lives is largely based on how well and how adept we are at moving well. Variant Training Lab was founded upon a “Test, Treat, Train™” philosophy of human movement. Like most things in life, we can only truly know what we measure. Read More from Edhat >>


Assessing your mobility, strength,

and movement capabilities

via the VTL Kinetic BodyPrint


Preventing injury, re-training motion,

and reconditioning with

Santa Barbara's top Physical Therapists


Personalized data-driven

programming to enhance

performance and well-being

  Health, Wellness & Fitness 


Personalized Programs

  • Increase Performance 

  • Improve Quality of Life


Physical Therapy

  • Injury Reduction

  • Restore Function


Body Print Assessment

  • Measure...

  • Educate...

Technologically Innovative Facility 



Information is powerful. Using information well is Wisdom! At Variant we aim to provide both community-wide and member-only seminars on health, fitness and nutrition topics that keep people moving longer and better for ALL of life!



Variant is dedicated to having the most advanced and applicable technology to assess, train and educate our members with, while at the same time providing our staff the ability to customize treatment and training principles around YOU...not just someone like you!



We've partnered with Lululemon to bring you the highest quality athletic apparel. You can purchase these items at our State Street facility along with other merchandise tailored to sports science recovery and training. 

Individualized Education from Athlete Experts



Members have unlimited access to all Group Fitness Classes. Browse our Group Class Calendar...

there's a class for everyone!



For Members looking for a turnkey & gourmet solution for optimizing their nutrition, we're excited to announce a partnership with Quokka, an integrated nutrition planning & gourmet meal prep service based in Santa Barbara.



Members get direct access to care and medical over-sight by our clinicians. Visit our class schedule and book your consultation today.

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