Exercise consists of movements.  At Variant, we TRAIN movements before we exercise.  That is a fundamental difference between Variant and gyms/workout programs.  Training is about motor learning and control. It is training the nervous system to interpret and apply sensory information to optimal motor (movement) commands so that we move better.  Good movement can be ‘exercised’ to optimize performance. Bad movement ‘exercised’ ultimately leads to injury.”

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Mom Strong with Ashley

 A functional strength and low-impact workout for moms with a focus on restoring core and pelvic floor strength + function. Learn to release tension, improve strength and increase mobility so you can meet and exceed the demands of your active life. Class format will vary and include circuit training, weight lifting and mat exercises. Class includes education and modifications for pregnancy and postpartum women experiencing low-back/hip pain, prolapse, incontinence, umbilical hernia, diastasis recti and pelvic floor weakness.

Ashley Olsen

Yoga with Emily

Rest and recovery are paramount to any exercise or rehabilitation program. The yoga at Variant is geared towards reducing stress and tension, allowing your body time to relax and unwind whilst allowing you to improve your flexibility and range of motion. Classes are open to all abilities, so come and take a deep breath and reap the benefits.

Emily Robinson

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HIIT with Jason + Mike 

Variant's High Intensity Cardiovascular Fitness Class "Want to build your cardio in 60 minutes? This is for you (but not for the faint of heart!). Be prepared to test your limits in this time-efficient, high intensity interval-based session. Compete against your best efforts and watch the results unfold."

Jason Smith


Masters with Ashley + Emily 

Age isn’t limiting your mobility and strength, your habits are! This functional strength class includes a blend of restorative corrective exercises as well as stretches with functional movement training aimed to improve alignment and bone health, restore balance and mobility and improve movement and gait patterns. The movements in this class can be modified to your ability. Come learn how to keep your feet healthy and functional, reduce pain in your body, regain balance + mobility and improve your strength and daily movement habits.

Ashley Olsen

Athlete Performance with Jacob + Mike

We offer a 3-month personalized program dedicated to maximizing
each young athlete's potential and performance while improving their
strength & conditioning, increasing their ability to recover, and
learning proper bio-mechanics that reduce injury risk.
Ages 13 - 18 years old.

Jacob Trap


Core4 with Mike + Jason

Built for the athlete and weekend warrior alike, our CORE4 Training Program focuses on the four cornerstones of fitness:  STRENGTH, SPEED, STABILITY and STAMINA.  Challenge yourself with a mix of circuit and interval training to gear yourself up for anything life throws your way.

Emily Robinson

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